Orkney Guide Book:
Maps of Orkney

References: Countryside Code

A range of maps are available of Orkney. The most generally useful maps for the visitor are the following:

  • Orkney and Shetland Islands (1:128,000) published by Estate Publications and available from the Tourist Board. This map shows the main sites of interest, and has much information of interest to the visitor. It is inadequate for walkers, and those wishing more detailed information, but it is excellent for getting an idea of the lie of the land and where to go.
  • Ordnance Survey Landranger Series (1:50,000) maps - sheets 5 Orkney North Isles, 6 Orkney Mainland and 7 Orkney South Isles cover the area, and are essential to the serious visitor.

  • Ordnance Survey Pathfinder Series (1:25,000) maps - sheets 22-38 cover the islands in more detail and apart from being very interesting, are very useful to the walker or those wishing to investigate one particular parish or island in depth.

Ordnance Survey map references are given for many locations mentioned in the text. These are in brackets and are six figures, preceded by HY or ND, of the form (HY123456).

Admiralty Charts covering the area include the following: 2249 Mainland and North Isles (West); 2250 Mainland and North Isles (East); 2162 Pentland Firth. Other more detailed charts are also available, see the Home Waters Catalogue ref NP109 available from the Hydrographic Office, Taunton.

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